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Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endosonography (EUS)

  • Staging of cancer esophagus, stomach, duodenum, pancreas and rectum.
  • Evaluation of submucosal tumors (Lipoma, leiomyoma, GIST, carcinoids etc) in the GI tract.
  • Evaluation and biopsy of mediastinal and abdominal lymphadenopathy.
  • Evaluation of etiology of acute pancreatitis (pancreas divisum, microlithiasis, gall stones, chronic pancreatitis).
  • EUS assisted ERCP in patients with failed ERCP.
  • EUS guided treatment of gastric/ectopic varices.
  • EUS guided cyst/tumor ablation.
  • EUS guided palliation of pain (celiax plexus block) for chronic pancreatitis/ pancreatic cancer.


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